Low Back Pain Testimonial – Justin Booth

Hi, my name's Justin Booth. I am a patient at Insync Physiotherapy. I first went there because I had some really bad, lower back pain. And it was getting to the point where after a round of golf, or sometimes in the morning after some physical activity the day before, I was having trouble standing up straight. And I went to see Wil and some of his people at the clinic and they helped me diagnose what the issue was.

And then they administered IMS. Intramuscular stimulation, on that part of my back. And I had almost instantaneous relief, for weeks and months afterwards. This was a problem that had plagued me for a long time. And when I finally went and saw Wil and his people at Insync Physio, they were nothing but professional.

And really found out very quickly what my problem was and found a way to help me rectify it. So thank you. The result now is I can golf and do all my physical activities with almost no pain. And if I ever do have pain in my back afterwards, I now know what to do to fix it. So thank you Wil, and your whole team at Insync Physio for always being so great and helping all of us stay active and live our best life.