Low Back Pain & Strengthening Deadlifts with Stephen Koo Vancouver Physio

Hi. So today we're going to do deadlift. And this exercise is great and I really like it because it strengthens globally. And it strengthens our lower back. And it helps elongate the hamstrings and just helps us getting better movement globally in a functional chain. 

So this is what it looks like. What we're going to do is have our hands shoulder width apart, just making sure that they're going straight down. We're hinging through our hips here. And you're not going down like a squat, but moving your hips backwards, making sure that your shoulder is nice and set, your back is straight. From here come up, hinge again at your hips and then slowly coming straight down. And you can do this exercise three to four sets of 10, if you're able to. If you're going at a higher weight, come down with the reps in a little bit. So about eight to 10 reps, three to four sets.