Low Back Herniated Disc Injuries- Sloppy Push Ups

Start by lying flat on the ground, on a yoga mat or a firm bed. For the beginning stages of this exercise, lift your upper chest off the ground by supporting yourself on your forearms.

Take a deep breathe out to make sure your low back is relaxed in this position and your hips are on the ground. Stay here for 10 seconds, then lower and repeat.

To make this exercise harder, put your hands out in front of your head and push up from your hands instead of your forearms. This will help lift your chest even further off the ground and get more extension through the low back.

It’s still important that you are able to relax the back and glute muscles in this position. If you can’t do this, or if your hips come off the ground, you should revert back to the first stage of this exercise. Once again, stay here for 10 seconds & return to the ground. Do this for 30 repetitions, 3 times daily.