Knee Patella Femoral Pain & IT-Band Syndrome – 2 Leg Squats

Start with a tall neutral spine posture and engage your core by drawing the inner core muscles below your belly button inwards toward your spine. Avoid arching the low back.

With arms in a ready position do a two leg squat with your body weight distributed equally over the toes and heels of both feet. Don’t go any lower than a ninety degree bend in the knees, keeping them in alignment with your second toe and over your heels as much as possible. This part of the squat is essential as you bend your knees and focus on bringing your bum backwards. You can imagine that you’re squatting down to sit in a chair. Perform 3 sets 10 repetitions twice daily.

This two leg squat may look like a basic strengthening exercise. However, what you’re doing here is retraining the neuromuscular activation pattern of your leg, hip and lower kinetic chain muscles in doing the squat more more effectively. This will produce a more optimal movement pattern to decrease the irritation in your knee. 

If you’re unsure about the exercise or have any uncertainty about where you’re at with your knee pain and doing painful squats or playing sports painfully that involve the squatting motion, consult your local Physiotherapist before continuing.