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Knee Ligament Sprain: Lunge Squats
It’s important to retrain the pushing off dynamic strength in your core stability and lower quadrant after a knee ligament[...]
Overuse Knee Pain: IT-Band / Lateral Quad Stretch
Start by lying on your good side with the tight Iliotibial Band or “IT-Band” facing up. Keep your inner core[...]
Hamstring Stretches
This is a hamstring stretch. You’re going to start with your heel on the corner of a wall or door[...]
Bridging Hamcurls
So this exercise to strengthen your functional core along with your hamstrings. You’re going to lie on a mat with[...]
Functional Rehab for Hip, Knee and Ankle
This exercise is great for the functional rehab to strengthen your hip, knee and ankle with your core stability. Start[...]
Rolling Out the Ilio-Tibial Band (IT-Band)
Place the roller on the ground or your yoga mat and put your lateral thigh onto the roller. Gently roll[...]
Gluteal Muscle Strengthening
This exercise is to strength your gluteal medius muscles. You want to stand inside a theraband with both legs with[...]
Core Strengthen Wall Squats
This exercise is a wall squat with a big ball. You are going to place the big ball up against[...]
1 Leg Balancing
Stand on one leg with your core engaged, hold for thirty seconds then progress it to sixty seconds. Repeat it[...]

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