Knee ACL Ligament Injury Prevention: Ultimate Frisbee Training Part 5-Hand Grid Balance

This exercise can be done standing onto of a soft foam pad or the cushion of your couch. Starting with tall posture, engage your core muscles below the belly button by drawing the lower ab muscles inward toward the spine. Using one hand, hold the butt end of a 3 pound dumbbell. Then bend down to touch the dumbbell to the floor at the 3 O’Clock position like a grid on a clock. Come back up and then bend down to touch the dumbbell at the 2 O’Clock position. Repeat this until you get to the 9 O’Clock position and then reverse coming back to the 3 O’Clock position. Do 3 sets 3 times a day. This is great for developing strength, balance, and proprioceptive control to stabilize your lower extremity and help protect your knee from ACL ligament injuries!