Knee ACL Ligament Injury Prevention: Ultimate Frisbee Training Part 11 “Advanced Superman Deadlifts”

These are the advanced Superman Deadlifts. This is progressive strengthening for your core with your Hamstrings as well as your Glute muscles. This will help you get stronger to protect your ACL ligament in your knee and for post-ACL surgery and rehab. Start by holding on to a 5 pound dumbbell on the same side as the leg that you are going to extend back on. With nice tall posture, engage your core below the belly button. Keeping your spine flat, bend forward at the hips while you extend the leg back and reaching forward with the opposite arm and holding onto the 5 pound dumbbell with the other hand. Remember to keep that hip down on the side you’re extending the leg back on. Do 3 sets, 10 repetitions, holding for 3 seconds.