Knee ACL Ligament Injury Prevention: Ultimate Frisbee Training Part 10 – “Superman Deadlifts”

So these are the Superman Deadlifts. In the Superman deadlifts we’re working on strengthening up the core with your glutes and also with your hamstrings. So this is going to be really great to help you work on your pre-season training by getting those hamstrings strong, especially to protect that ACL and to also post-ACL surgery and rehab. You’re going to start off with nice tall posture. Then engage that core for me. And you’re going to want to try and maintain this position the whole time with your spine. And then you’re going to come up on one leg. Great! And you also want to try to keep a bit of a knee bend because when you go down with your body and reach out, you’re going to straighten out the knee. Good! And then other thing is that you want to keep this hip down… Good. And reach forward and kick back with your heel, and come back. Good… and again. That’s it. Keep that hip down. Kick with that heel. Good. And Back. And Again. Good and just kick this down and yeah get the glutes working there. Good. And tilt this down. Perfect. Good. Ok, Awesome. That’s great! So let’s try one more here. And …. There you go. Let’s see if you can do 5 in a row here. Excellent! That’s it! Keep that hip down. So you got to really pull the core in more here. Good! Pull the core in. That’s it! Excellent!