Knee ACL Injury Prevention Exercises: Ultimate Frisbee Training Part 1

Starting with tall posture, engage your core below the belly button by drawing the inner core muscles towards the spine without arching the low back. With arms in a ready position do a two legged squat with your body weight distributed equally over both feet. Don’t go any lower than a ninety degree bend in the knees, keeping your knees in alignment with your second toe and over your heels as much as possible. Hold for a good long second and then straighten back up with your butt muscles to the start. Do three sets of fifteen repetitions daily. Although the two legged squat is a basic strengthening exercise it’s quite effective in strengthening the quad and posterior hip muscles with the core to help prevent ACL injuries in your knee. The key is to keep your inner core low back stabilizing muscles engaged while you do the squat. If you are more advanced in fitness and core strength in your work outs then you can do one set as a warm up in preparation for one-legged squats.