Julia Boyle Testimonial

One of the things that I really love about Insync Physio is that Adam, my physiotherapist, helped me get to the root of my problem of my back injury, where I've been having a lot of hip issues as well in my lower back. A lot of physiotherapists that I'd seen before, just kind of treat the symptoms and look at gaining strength.

But with Adam, he really did a full assessment and helped to understand what the core issue is. So, it helps me manage my injury on my own and when I have flare ups to understand what's wrong and what I should be doing. So I really appreciate that kind of education is empowerment and I feel a lot more empowered to deal with my injuries and a lot more confident to deal with it.

So for me, it was a huge win getting into Insync and I'm meeting with Adam and just really learning more about my body and how to take better care of it. So I definitely 100% recommend and Insync Physio and their team is really kind and caring and really care about helping people get back on their feet.

So I am a proud and happy client of Insync Physio.