INSYNC PHYSIO Testimonial for Skier & Rock Climber – Allison

So I started going to you Insync Physio about two ski seasons ago when I had a fall while skiing. And I didn't think it was a really big deal, but when I got home, I was in a lot of pain. I could barely lift up my arm. 

So I was really lucky I was able to quickly get an appointment and then I got some physio treatment and also the really great take home exercises and the support that I received really allowed me to rehab my arm quite quickly and I was still able to ski for the rest of that season. 

I'm also an avid climber. I climb three, four, sometimes even five times a week. And I'm also an avid cyclist. And so I had been really been able to get a lot of support from the physiotherapy team. And also have the massage therapy team as well. For me to really continue doing all the activities that I love at the level that I want to do it at. 

So thank you so much for all your support in the past two years. Thank you.