How to Strengthen the Sciatic Nerve

When you have sciatica, you experience pain radiating from the sciatic nerve. Symptoms of sciatica include pain starting at the buttocks and extending down the back of the legs. To treat sciatica, a doctor may recommend exercises to strengthen the sciatic nerve. If you are pregnant, speak to your doctor about any modifications you need to make before doing the exercises. Here are some steps on how to strengthen the sciatic nerve.

Step 1

Exercise daily. Exercise is better than rest for sciatic nerve pain. If you do not exercise, the muscles weaken and the condition may worsen. After a flare-up, rest for only two days until you start working the area.

Step 2

Stretch the hamstring muscles. Hamstring stretching will help strengthen the sciatic nerve if done on a regular basis. Place your right foot in front of you with the toes pointed upward. Lean forward until you feel a stretch in the back of your legs. Hold for five seconds and switch legs. Do a total of 10 reps for each leg.

Step 3

Perform 20 reps of prone extensions. Prone extensions help strengthen the sciatic nerve and can provide relief for individuals who suffer from sciatica as a result of a herniated disk. Lie in the prone position with your body propped up on your elbows. Press the hips into the floor and stay in place for approximately 10 seconds.

Step 4

Work the back to strengthen the sciatic nerve. Back stretches are types of exercises helpful for sciatic pain from nerve compression. Lie flat on your back and push your belly button into your back. Contract the abs and hold the stretch for 10 seconds. Repeat eight times.

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