How To Be More Active Throughout the Day

Let’s face it, getting to the gym or going for your run is not always easy. Life can get in the way and mess with your usual schedule, or there may be some days you are just not feeling up to the task. However, we all know that staying active is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We’ve made a list of ways to stay active throughout the day. These are short tasks and do not take up much time, so for the days you are feeling off or feeling short on time, try these! Or, if you’re having a great active day, use these tips and tricks to increase your activity level over the day:

1. Take the stairs (or climb the elevator if stairs are not easily accessible).

2. Park farther away from the store so you’ll have a longer walk to the entrance (it’s also usually easier to find a parking spot further away from wherever you’re going!).

3. Use a shopping basket instead of a cart at the grocery store (provided of course you are purchasing a reasonable number of items).

4. When you clean, clean vigorously. We all need to deep clean our surroundings every so often, so when the time comes, make the most of it and really put in some work (you will burn a surprising amount of calories just by scrubbing the toilet!)

5. Set an alarm. We all run the risk of getting tied up in work, or a good book, or the Netflix marathon. Set an alarm at regular increments to get up and walk around, or do something else active as a break. Bonus = walking around while studying has actually been shown to improve memory retention of the material studied!

6. Take a walk. Sometimes a proper full workout is just not something you’re up for. That’s okay. Everyone has these days. Instead of a full workout, try going for a walk. It’s low impact. It can last for a short or long time, and the fresh air is always a good idea!

7. Exercise while watching tv. If you have exercise equipment at home, use it! If you don’t, try stretching while you watch television (this is also a great time to work on your exercises from your physio!). Again, this is a low impact option that can help break up the monotony of just sitting while staring at the screen.

8. If you are needing to pick up only a few items, walk or bike to the store instead of driving.

9. When at the mall or grocery store, take an extra few laps around the store before you start shopping.

10. If you’ve been considering getting a dog, get one! Taking pets for walks is an excellent way to keep your activity level up, and your four-legged friend will love you for it.

11. Play with your kids. If you have kids, or nieces or nephews, join in on their games. Chances are they’ll keep you on your toes and you’ll both get some good laughs.

12. Before you shower, do 10 squats, 10 lunges, 10 pushups and hold a plank for 10 seconds. This mini workout will help you wake up in the morning and get your blood flowing for the day ahead.

13. If you’re not feeling the gym, try doing an exercise video at home. You’ll save time staying at home and there are many fitness apps and videos with varying lengths of time, so you can find one for exactly how much time you have.

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