Hip Injury Management – Adductor Longus Muscle Mobility

This is a great mobility exercise for the hips to help improve what we call the motion of abduction so that you can move the lower extremities more into the outward direction.

Start by securing a belt or a solid strap around something solid and unmovable like the leg of a couch. Check your position by starting with your knees open wide in a “V” and bent. Make sure your lower back is nice and straight.

Next, hold on to the strap and gently pull yourself forward to take up the slack of the belt to reach the barrier of your hip flexion while you maintain a straight low back. Then begin to straighten the knees to the floor and gently pull yourself forward on the strap by flexing at the hips even more until you feel a more moderate but comfortable pulling on the inside muscles, or the Adductor Longus Muscles, of your thighs.

Hold this for 30 seconds doing 3 sets 2x/day. If you have pain that doesn’t feel like a stretch, or are unsure about what you are doing consult a local physiotherapist before continuing.