Hip Injuries & Rock Climbing with Wil Seto

So what we really wanna focus on is making sure that we have what's called functional mobility of your hips. And the reason why that's really important is because even though you may work on doing things like stretching and recovery work to get your mobility for your hips after you climb, or for your next climbing session, what you really wanna make sure is that you have that strength when you go into that range. 

So here's an exercise that I really like to do that I often prescribe for people that have really tight hips and that really want to make sure that they maintain that mobility in their hips for their rock climbing training progress.

So basically they're just really simple things that you wanna do, but you wanna make sure you keep your hips level, you engage your core here. That way you're not doing a lot of like, tilting and shifting. And so with high steps, you know, you really wanna be able to have sort of rotational, being able to work on getting your body as still as possible and having it not move past mid line too much. Being able to come up with the foot. 

You'll do 10 of these, and you can go a little higher too. Now, as you go higher with the step, then it's gonna be a little bit more difficult obviously. So as you can see, my hips are pretty tight and what you really wanna work on is keeping everything pretty still.