Hip Flexor Strain Running Rehab – Knee Highs

Loop a resistance band around your ankle on the same side as the hip you are targeting. Step the opposite foot forward while having the opposite arm also forward and position yourself in a running stance with your core muscles engaged below the belly button.

Bring the knee up towards the chest matching the motion with the opposite arm and then bring the foot back down with control.

A few things to look out for when you’re doing this exercise to is control the motion of the foot so the resistance band doesn’t just pull your foot back and also keep the arms and knees from crossing the mid line of the body and prevent the low back from arching by keeping it in neutral. Repeat this for one minute on each side doing 3 sets 2x/day.

This exercise strengthens the hip flexor throughout the full range of motion and can help you rehab your functional running strength after a hip flexor injury.