Hip Arthritis and Post-Hip Surgery Videos

Cambie Clinic

Burnaby Clinic

Hip Arthritis – Segment 6
Place a couple of blocks or telephone books on a chair. Stand in front of the chair and elongate the[...]
Hip Arthritis Exercises Segment#5
Lying on your back with the knees bent elongate the spine and keep the posture in neutral. Then engage your[...]
Hip Arthritis – Segment 4
Start by pulling in your inner core below the belly button while keeping your posture in neutral. Be careful to[...]
Hip Arthritis – Segment 3
Start by engaging your inner core and keeping your posture tall. Balance yourself by holding onto to the wall, a[...]
Hip Arthritis – Segment 2
This exercise is good to increase active hip mobility into abduction due to arthritis or total hip replacement surgery. Start[...]
Hip Arthritis Segment 1
This exercise is good to increase hip mobility due to arthritis or post total hip replacement surgery. Begin by stepping[...]
Hip Arthritis Exercises
Hip stiffness from arthritis or having total hip replacement surgery, can be sometimes difficult in trying to get your functional[...]