Hamstring Strains – Progressive Strengthening Nordic Hamstring Curl

You can perform this exercise with your ankles secured under a bar, on a squat rack or wall bar or have a partner hold your feet and ankles down. Use a yoga mat to make it more comfortable for your knees.

Start by pulling in your inner core and keep it engaged the entire time. With your hands out in front of you, then slowly lower yourself down to the ground in a controlled manner into a push up position. Once you make contact with the ground, then push yourself back up.

Repeat this for 10 repetitions, doing 3 sets daily. This is an advanced level strengthening exercise for your hamstrings in conjunction with your core stability muscles.

If you have any pain or dysfunction while doing this exercises come into one of our clinics at either the Vancouver or North Burnaby locations to have one of our Physiotherapists check you out.