Hamstring Strains and Tendinopathies: Straight Leg Isometric Bridges

As you move past the initial stages of an acute hamstring muscle strain or acute flare up of your tendinopathy you want to start progressively loading it to rehab it properly.

Start by lying down on the ground with your heels placed on a raised step about half a foot high or so to start. With your core muscles engaged and both knees straight, press your heels onto the step lifting your buttocks off the floor.

Avoid bringing your butt too high up so you can isolate primarily into the hamstrings while also activating your core and gluteus muscles at the same time. Hold this isometric contraction for 45 seconds and repeat 5 reps for one to two times per day.

If you experience any pain or have any problems doing this exercise then consult your local Physiotherapist before continuing.