Hamstring Strain Injuries – Big Ball Roll Outs

Kneeling down with a big exercise ball in front. Have either a partner hold down your legs just above your ankles or secure them by hooking them under a bar.

Keeping your back straight and your inner core muscles engaged and slowly roll down your forearms on the pinky finger sides, straightening out your elbows and moving slight past them on the ball. Come back up with control to the start position. Repeat this for 10 repetitions, doing 3 sets per day.

This is another great alternative exercise to further strengthen your hamstring muscles after an injury and retrain your core stability muscles to help them work better together again.

If you’re unsure about the exercise or have uncertainty about where you’re at with your recovery book an appointment and have one of our Physiotherapists at either our North Burnaby or Vancouver locations to check things out.