Entee – Runner Testimonial

Hey, what's up, what's up everybody. Just want to give a quick shout out over to the Insync Physio team. I've been seeing them for the past three weeks and goodness gracious have they ever helped me with my mobility work on my run guys. You know, I've been looking to improve my runs and for the longest time I was not using the full function of the, actually the tripod.

So when they went to explain that I was able to increase my efficiency and my effectiveness on the run. I be able to last long. And on top of that, I did the IMS, which is dry needling for anybody that hasn't tried dry needling, go see these guys, they're experts. They really know what they're doing.

And it's, I did my traps and my lats, and it's really opened up my traps and lats. I have really, really tight traps and lats for the longest time. And once they've done it, man does it ever like, number one it kills, but it's so good. It's really opened it up for me to be able to actually do proper workouts at the gym.

So anyways, what I'd say, give a quick shout out to the Insync Physio team. Thank you so much guys. Professional, clean. You guys are great and you guys are friendly too. So thanks again guys.