Dahra Zamudio

So what inspired me to become a physio, I can think of sort of two instances.

So I grew up playing tennis all my life. I went to UC Davis in the states and played Division I college tennis over there (Go ags!) Basically that was kind of the start. I was thinking okay, I had sports as a background. I played tennis. So maybe I’ll go into a career that involves exercise. And that was kind of my thinking of going into physio in the first place. And I remember actually the exact moment that I decided, “Yes, I want to be a physio. I want to go full steam ahead into this career,” was when I was shadowing a physiotherapist and he was treating a baby with neck tightness. And so that moment, I was like wow, physiotherapy really helps such a wide variety of people, such a broad spectrum of reach that physio has whether it’s pediatrics, neurology, cardiology, sports… it’s kind of amazing the wide range that physio has and the ability that we have to be able to help people achieve their optimum potential. And I think it’s an amazing career.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a physiotherapist?
What would I be doing if I wasn’t a physio.. I’d probably.. I used to really enjoy writing a lot. When I was in college, all my friends thought I was crazy because I enjoyed writing essays and things like that. And I was relatively good at writing essays. So maybe I would’ve gone into journalism or some sort of career in writing. Who knows?

And what other things do you like outside of work and clinic?
Yeah, so as a new BC or Canadian resident, I’ve been really enjoying exploring the amazing scenery of Canada and BC in general. Well, during the summer I was hiking a lot, exploring new trails. I still enjoy playing tennis every once in a while. My goal is to one day maybe try and go back into competition and just play a tournament one of these weekends and see what happens. And then for the winter time, I did my first season of snowboarding last year. That’s definitely a work in progress. I’m trying to make that my new winter hobby. But I’m working on my toe edge and that’s a bit of a struggle. So we’ll see…

And what special interest and area of focus do you have when it comes to physiotherapy?
So I enjoy treating—I mean, that’s the thing about physio is that there’s so many different things to treat. In the hospital where I worked at in Australia, I saw a lot of neurological conditions. I find them really interesting to treat including conditions like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and stroke. And then apart from just neurology in general, sports, treating athletes, I think it’d be really cool to treat tennis players, just being on the other side of the court for once. I like treating necks a lot, mainly because I myself deal with a lot of neck issues and a lot of tension in my shoulders. So I feel like it’s the one sort of—I got lucky as a tennis player. I didn’t really have many injuries growing up as an athlete. But I think my one thing that I can actually really feel like I’m going through with the patient is neck issues. And I feel like I can help them out because I can relate a lot more with them.