Chronic Neck, Shoulder, Elbow Pain or Stiffness: Ulnar Nerve Flossing

We’re going to do an exercise today that involves flossing the nerve, or a nerve flossing technique which has a radial nerve bias. This exercise is great for increasing the mobility in your upper quadrant like your neck and upper extremities due to chronic neck stiffness. You might be stiff from a past history of having a wry neck from sleeping, to whip lash from a car accident or a sports injury. It’s not recommended to do this exercise when you have an acute injury. If you have pain consult your physiotherapist before doing these exercises. So we have the lovely Hannah here, standing nice and tall to demo for us. Begin by extending the shoulder and arm with the elbow straight behind you while flexing the wrist and the hand out to receive a “low - five” from behind you. Return the arm and hand back to neutral position by the side and repeat this for up to thirty seconds when you initially start to get the hang of it and then increasing it to sixty seconds. Do five repetitions each time three times per day. The progression of this exercise involves the rotation of the head and neck to the opposite side first and then reaching back with the arm and hand for the “low-five” and then return the head and arm and hand back to the neutral start position. Do this for sixty seconds for five repetitions three times per day.