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Mobilize Those Hips!

Hi My name is Iyad. I’m a Physiotherapist with INSYNC PHYSIOTHERAPY. Uh… today I’m showing an exercise that’s uh going to help mobilize the hip. People who benefit from this will be people who get a pinch whenever they kind of elevate their hip up there or they have a kind of a really stiff uh rotation angle in their hip. Uh.. people who shouldn’t be doing this are anybody who’s had surgery recently, especially a total hip replacement. You should consult with your therapist before you do something like this. Uh… to start we’re going to have a… one these pull-up assist bands right up as high up into the hip as we can… padded with a towel so it feels a bit more comfortable. You want the angle of pull to be just behind you and pulling you straight out so it can purely distract the hip in this direction. So once you’re here you get on to a stable table top position… make sure your wrist are in line with your shoulders and that your hips are in-line with your knee like Lisa has here. To start, you want to engage your core so that the pelvis doesn’t move around. We don’t want to mobilize the back of the pelvis. We want to get the hip moving. So then when we’re nice and stable through here we’ll grab this foot here and slowly rotate it out. You should stop as soon as you feel a barrier, Hold it for a couple of seconds and then come back in. And we’re going to oscillate back … hold it for two seconds and come back. We’ll do that about ten times and that should help you improve some of that restriction in there… And you want to obviously always follow it up with some of the more recommended exercises that load up the strength system in that hip because mobility alone won’t do you that good. So one more time… like I said; Nice and stable through here and just a slow twist there until she engages the barrier, then comes back in. Come out and hold for a couple of seconds and come back in.

Rolling Out Your Hamstring Muscles

Put the roller on the ground and bring your hamstring onto it. Roll up and down onto your Hamstring muscle while supporting yourself with both hands. Find the sweet spots (or the areas that hurt in a good way) and continue to roll over these areas for 3-4 minutes in total. Do this 2-3 times a day just before you stretch out the hamstring. This technique is great as a cool down in any sports involving running, or after swimming & rock climbing. It’s great for old chronic hamstring strains & chronic tightness caused by knee, hip, pelvis or back injuries.

Rolling Out the Latissimus Dorsi/Teres Mj

Place the roller on the ground or your yoga mat and lie on your side below your arm pit. Roll back and forth releasing your latissimus dorsi muscle for up to 2-3 minutes doing 2 sets. Stretching this area with the 1-arm prayer stretch after rolling it out is great for stiff shoulders where the latissimus dorsi muscle can pull down the scapula contributing to shoulder impingement syndrome. Rock climbers, volleyball players, weight lifters and swimmers would benefit greatly with rolling out this muscle!

Sacra-Iliac Joint Pain & Instability, Weak Hip & Pelvis

Hey Everyone!… This exercise is great for strengthening your gluteus medius muscles; which can help support your hyper mobility or instability and also help decrease your Sacro-Iliac joint and groin pain. Begin by lying on your left side to strengthen your left Gluteus medius “Butt” muscles. Keep your right hip stacked on top of your left and place your right hand on your right hip. Then bring your right foot on the ground in front of your left knee and bend the left knee to 90 degrees. Bring your left foot up, while maintaining the ninety degree knee bend. Hold this for 10 seconds; Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Hip Extension Retraining

This exercise is great for hip extension retraining. Start by pulling in your inner core below the belly button while keeping your posture in neutral. Be careful to avoid arching the low back.

Keeping your inner core engaged extend the hip with the knee bent at 90 degrees. Hold this at the end range for a few seconds and then bring it back down. Repeat this 10 times 3 sets 3 times per day.

This exercise is excellent to help retrain the motor activation of hip extension in your hip due to hip joint, Sacro-iliac joint, low back and knee injuries.

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