Burnaby Physiotherapist David Herr – Sport and Spinal Injury Rehab

What do you like most about being a Physio?
The thing I love most about being a Physio is that it’s my job to help people get back to doing the things they love to do. So whether that’s sport, work, spending time with friends, family, what ever it may be, whatever’s most important to them. It’s my job to help them get from where they’re at now to where they want to be. And it’s just a really rewarding career to be a part of in that respect. Another thing I really like, and it’s sort of the flip side of what people come in with. It’s a very challenging career and it really motivates you to keep up to date with the latest research, learning different assessment techniques and treatment techniques so you have all the tools in your tool box to that you need to help anyone that comes through that door looking for help. 

Why did you become a Physiotherapist?
I had a bit of a different journey to becoming a Physio. I was working in business in marketing before and I remember when I was doing my business degree I got in to see a Physio for something or another, I cannot remember what it was for at the time, but they gave me a few tips on just improving my posture as I was probably sitting there slouched over in front of them. And it just sort of put me on this path of getting really interested in learning about the body, and different movement, posture, performance and all these things that were related to physio. So I’d spend my day in class learning about business and I’d go home at the end of the day and try to learn about how the body works. And so many years past of working in business and marketing and just not really getting that best sense of fulfillment that I was looking for. And so I eventually bit the bullet and went back to Physio School. I’ve met so many great Physiotherapists along the way that helped me get back to doing the sports that were most important to me and I just really want to be a part of that and help people get back to doing what they really want to do as well. 

Why did you want to work at INSYNC PHYSIO?
So a couple of reasons. One, is that INSYNC has a really great reputation though the community, they’ve won several awards at the clinic here, a sign that’s it’s already a great team to be a part of A very great culture in that not just a great front desk staff but all the clinicians as well. Everyone is really supportive. We get together on a regular basis to take about different cases or the latest research and just a great environment to get help each push each other to improve your skill set and just be a better clinician. Something that is also really important to me is that the way INSYNC is structured. Here, we have longer appointment times and to me that was something that I absolutely needed to have because I think it takes that time to get to know the client, to get to understand what’s important for them and to find the approach that is right for that person. So not just the one size fits all but something that takes into consideration what’s important for them, how much time that have to dedicate to their rehab plan and just find a way to be successful together. The clinic space is also excellent here. So having private treatment rooms is really important to me as well. Some of the conversations we have are quite challenging because people are coming to see you because they are struggling with what they’re doing with their day to day life or their activities. You have very challenging conversations, so I think having the privacy and the comfort of these individual rooms is really important. We also have a terrific gym space. So I believe in a very active approach whenever possible. And so having great space in the gym, great selection of equipment is really important as well so we have the tools to help people get back to whatever it is they want to do.

What are your outside interests and Hobbies?
So outside the clinic you’ll find me on my mountain bike, probably most of the time. That’s probably my biggest passion, so I’ll be out in the North Shore riding. I also do a bit of cycle cross, a bit of gravel riding as well. The little time that I spend when I’m not on the bike I do do a bit of trail running, Spend time hiking, I’m in the gym as well. I find strength training is a great way to keep my in shape for all the other activities I do. In the winter time when there’s too much snow on the trails I usually get out the snow shoes, cross country skis or downhill skis and spend my time that way. 

What’s your special interest and focus in Treatment?
Because of my background in cycling I spent about twenty years in competing in a few different disciplines. So that’s been my biggest passion and that’s where I have a lot experience. So treating cycling related injuries is really my specialty there. Aside from that, just really anything that comes across. There’s lots of really great work safe injuries that are very challenging to deal with and that’s an area I like to practice in as well, as well as ICBC for any motor vehicle accidents. And really anything sports and musculoskeletal related; so those soft tissue injuries that you’re looking from anything from an ankle sprain, knee injuries, hip, back, neck… it’s all really interesting to me. And the hip is probably another area that I’d like to specialize in I have dealt with several hip injuries in the past and that’s kind of kept me out of riding and out of competing for a few years. So that’s really something that’s an area that I’ve developed an interest in trying to treat those things that cross my way.