Burnaby Physiotherapist Anna Daburger – Sport and Spinal Injury Rehab

There’s a lot of stuff I really love about being a physio, it’s hard to wrap it up into one nice statement. I think the thing that gets me the most excited is that physio is a helping profession that has its roots in the foundational principles of exercise and education.

What I love is I get to help people to help themselves - which I think is really cool. I get to help people utilize the capacities that they already have within their own bodies via exercise and movement, and I get to help them become more familiar and in tune with their bodies and their pain and help them to understand their injuries a little bit better.

And then from there, be able to give them the strategies and the resources that they need to be as independent and self-efficacious as they can in their recovery and rehab.

I think I have kind of the typical story of growing up, playing a lot of sports, and having a lot of injuries myself and being exposed to the profession in that way - so I’ve always been very drawn to it from a young age, I’ve always found it very interesting. I’ve also always been very passionate about the human body and its resiliency, it get’s me really excited. I’ve always loved anatomy and physiology, the sciences, biology, and I love sports; and I wanted to do something where I could help people. So I think a combination of all of those things wrapped up nicely as physiotherapy.

I chose to work at InSync for a variety of reasons; I wanted to find a clinic that gives me the time and the space for one on one time with clients. I think that everybody deserves to have really good one-on-one focused care with a therapist, and having the private treatment rooms and longer time frames to spend just one-on-one is really important to me. And then also I really wanted to work somewhere where I was encouraged to not be stagnant as a physio and encouraged to continue to grow, and InSync is really good for that - they have regular mentoring sessions where physios get together and they challenge one another and push one another to continue learning and to be better.

I am obviously very much a movement optimist, so I love to move myself - you can usually find me in the gym or running up and down the stairs to the beach in Kitsilano, or running the seawall. I also really love to play soccer. In the winter I love to ski - I spend a lot of time downhill, backcountry, cross-country skiing. If I’m not moving you can usually find me at the local beer scene or food scene with friends, or curled up with a good book or good research paper.

I think I’m a pretty open book - I really love treating a wide variety of people, from those with persistent pain, like chronic low back pain, to those with neurological conditions - I have experience working with Multiple Sclerosis and PD. I love working with athletes, people who have just had surgery, or have been in a motor vehicle accident. I have a really big interest in concussion and vestibular rehab so stay tuned for future Anna when she gets those credentials!