Birgit Holm Testimonial

Hello, this is a testimonial video for Wil at Insync Physiotherapy. My kids and myself have been going to Insync Physiotherapy probably for the last 10 years. 

When my kids were younger, they were in sports. My son, a skateboarder and the soccer player, my youngest daughter, a gymnast, and on several occasions they had injuries and, I would take them there and get treatment as well as, advice on what kind of exercises to do to improve the condition and help heal the injury?

One occasion in particular, my son had a skateboard accident and hurt his ankle. I immediately called Wil and said, what do I do? Do I go to emergency? What do I do? And we talked about what the symptoms were and how it looked. He said, you know what Birgit, bring them in right now. And we'll do an assessment and we'll let you know if he needs to go to emergency.

Well, that was just perfect. There was no waiting in the emergency. Just went straight in. We took him in, they did the assessment and fortunately in that case, we didn't have to go to emergency. So it was just such a time saver and such a peace in that moment to know that Wil's team, you know, can take care of my family and provide amazing advice to help my kids heal. To make sure that they wouldn't have any longterm affects from their injuries.

So I really cannot recommend Wil enough. He's been amazing support for my family, as we are all very active and we need to rehabilitate quickly so we can get back to having the fun we love to have.

So thank you so much Wil and your team for all of your amazing support over the years.