Back Injury Management – Climbing Rehab Torso Twists

An important part of back injury management and rehabilitating it fully is to ensure that you have good rotational mobility in your spine. Here’s a simple but effective exercise that can help with improving the rotation mobility in your spine.

Sitting down on a chair with your feet flat on the floor check your left and right arms into abduction like you’re making the letter “T”. Then check your hip and butt anchored to the chair with your hands.

Sitting with your legs wide and arms straight reach your hand down the inside of the leg to the ankle and reach your opposite hand up to the ceiling trying to create the letter “T” with your arms while your butt is anchored to the chair. Hold this position for 30 seconds doing 3 sets on each side 2x/day.

This is a great mobility exercise to do for the spine as a warm up, a warm down or for recoveries after you finished climbing or training.