Anterior Hip Pain: Advanced Hip Muscle Strengthening

A weak hip flexor can cause the joint to be impinged and move out of its dynamic stability in everyday activities such as walking, running or playing sports. Begin this advanced hip flexor exercise by engaging your lower abs and doing a poster pelvic tilt with your pelvis. Grab the front of the bench or table with your hands and keep your feet firmly planted on the floor. Slowly lower your torso backwards while maintaining the posterior pelvic tilt to as for back as possible without falling backwards or losing the posterior pelvic tilt. Then slowly return back to the start position again. Repeat this 5 times on the affected hip for 3 sets. You can even have a partner assist you by holding down your thighs and legs to help stabilize the lower extremities. If you have any pain during the exercise or are unsure about what you are doing, consult your local Physiotherapist before continuing.