Ankle Sprains: 2-Legged Squats

The two legged squat is a basic strengthening exercise that’s very effective in strengthening your ankle immediately after an acute ankle sprain for the first couple of weeks as long as you can fully weight bear on that ankle and foot and that there is no fracture from your sprain. Sometimes the ligaments can be torn and pull off a piece of the bone where it attaches and this is called an avulsion fracture. Scans such as X-rays will not necessarily show that there is a fracture if the ankle injury /sprain was recent. There are certain tests that your physiotherapist can do before getting an X-ray to determine that there is a greater likelihood of a fracture. So if you are unsure, I would suggest consulting your Physiotherapist before starting this exercise. Starting with tall posture, engage your core below the belly button by drawing the inner core muscles towards the spine making your waistline skinnier. Maintain normal breathing without arching the low back. With arms in a ready position do a two legged squat with your body weight distributed equally over both feet. Don’t go any lower than a ninety degree bend in the knees. keep your knees in alignment with your second toe and over your heels. Avoid the knee collapsing inwards. Hold for a good long second and then straighten back up with your butt muscles to the start. Do 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions daily. 

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