Ankle Sprain Injury – One Leg Squat Reaches With Lateral Bosu Ball Hops

Stand on the right side of your Bosu Ball on your left leg with your inner core muscles engaged. Slowly bend down at your hips pointing your left finger to a spot on the floor in the nine O’clock position on the face of a clock.

Then straighten back up to standing pushing through your entire foot with a focus on your heel. Bend back down pointing to the floor in the 10 O’clock position and stand back up again. Continue to repeat this for the eleven, twelve, one, two and three O’clock positions.

Then perform a lateral hop onto the Bosu Ball and then onto the floor to the left side, and repeat the one leg squats from nine to three O’clock. Then repeating your second set on the right & left sides of the Bosu; you can now go backwards and point down to the floor starting from three to nine O’clock.

Remember that as you bend at your knee, you will be bending even more at your hips and you want to keep you knee over your ankle and aligned with your second toe. Perform 2 sets on each side for each leg daily.

This advanced exercise will help you develop more progressive strengthening so you can fully overcome your ankle sprain injury. If you’re unsure about the exercise or have any uncertainty about where you’re at with the recovery of your ankle, consult your local Physiotherapist before continuing.