Ankle Sprain Injury: One Leg Hop

This is a great exercise to strengthen weak ankles or ankle sprain.

If you have weak ankles or have sprained them then this is a great exercise to strengthen them.

Start by making a cross on the floor with two 4 feet strips of tape. Begin by standing on the bottom left corner and engage the core stability muscles in your low back and keep them on the whole duration of the exercise.

Then, bend one knee so you are standing just on the other foot and hop clockwise all the way around. Then reverse the direction and go counter clock wise, and then finally in a diagonal pattern from bottom left to top right and back and then from bottom right to top left and back.

Repeat each of the four hopping sequences clock wise, counter clock wise, and both diagonal patterns for 30 seconds for a total of 2 minutes. Do 3 sets on each side 2 times daily.