Ankle Sprain Injuries and Tibialis Posterior Muscle Exercise

Find a stiff rubber ball like a lacrosse or a release ball. In bare feet step onto a step with your heels hanging off of the edge and use both hands to hold for balance. Then line your feet up together facing forward and place the ball between the inside of your heels and squeeze.

Start by slowly lowering your heels below the step while squeezing the ball and then raise them up to only 50% of the way up, stop, and then slowly lower your heels all the way back down again. Repeat this for 10 reps doing 3 sets daily.

This strengthening exercise is for your tibialis posterior muscle. It can be weak and cause problems in your foot and ankle after an ankle sprain. This can be an important part of your ankle injury rehab.

If you have any pain or difficult doing this exercise, consult your local physiotherapist before continuing.