Ankle injuries – Vancouver & Burnaby Physio Strength Training – Side Step Lunge 1-Arm Overhead Press

Hold onto a 5 lb dumbbell with your right hand. Engage your inner core muscles and keep your posture in neutral.

Do a side step lunge with your left foot to the left side and keep your knee pointing forward and over your ankle while you bring the dumbbell down towards that left foot. Push back up through your left foot and bring your body weight over your right knee.

As you flex your left hip, perform a 1-arm shoulder press with the right arm. Make sure your knee stays in alignment with your second toe, and over your ankle as you perform this exercise. Do 10 to 15 reps, 3 sets on each side.

This exercise can help with progressive strengthening and rehab of your injured ankle. It can help you become functionally stronger in jumping for Ultimate Frisbee like in skying the disc in those moments when you feel like you need a dynamically stronger core. It can also help you with your 1-legged jumps in volleyball, rock climbing, or any other jump and reach type of sports or activities.

If you have any pain or problems or injuries, book in to see one of our Physiotherapists at INSYNC PHYSIO at either the Vancouver or Burnaby locations.