Ami Sanyal Testimonial

Before seeing Insync Physio I had some pain in my leg and for years I ignored it. Eventually it got painful enough that I went to a doctor. And he said it was nothing probably just needed to do some stretching or maybe exercising. When it didn't get better, I decided to see Insync and the physiotherapist there actually listened to my story.

And the first thing he said is that he thought I should get an x-ray. I got the x-ray and it turned out that there was a benign tumor in my femur that was threatening to break my femur. It was responsible for all the pain it needed to come out. I ended up going back to Insync several times just to get the exercises and treatment that I needed.

 At this point post-surgery I am much more able to walk and run and play with my kids. And, really that one appointment was pretty life changing for me. So thank you Insync.