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Travis Dodds, Registered Physiotherapist Send Email 

Travis Dodds - Portrait

Travis graduated from the University of Alberta’s Masters of Science in Physical Therapy program in 2010. He is dedicated to ongoing education to stay at the cutting edge of Manual Therapy (hands-on treatments), Functional Movement, Prehab, Exercise and Taping. He has completed post-graduate coursework in all of these fields and is committed to keep up with current research and best practices.
Starting in 2009 while completing his Masters, Travis has consulted to youth clubs, varsity teams and professional athletes on rehab, injury prevention and functional movement.  He has been consulting to UBC Volleyball since 2010, led medical event coverage for Canadian Beach Volleyball Nationals 2012 and 2013, and worked onsite with competitive rugby, football, swimming, ultimate frisbee, soccer, rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, mixed martial arts, etc.
Travis is involved in all aspects of treatment and conditioning for athletes, with a goal of increasing training tolerance, decreasing injury and improving performance. 
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