2 Simple Exercises For Tennis – North Burnaby Physiotherapists Show How To Warm Up

Hi my name is Matt and I’m a Physiotherapist with INSYNC. Today we’re going to go over a couple of drills for warm before a tennis match. These will focus on lateral movements and movements toward the net, so it’s all about foot work.

Hi my name is Iyad and I’m a Physio here at INSYNC PHYSIO. So today we’re going to go over some exercise drills to help warm up your upper body.

Sometimes I see injuries like tennis elbow or shoulder injuries happen when there’s kinetic chain deficits, A.K.A. - when the rest of the body’s not involved in the tennis stroke or the serve. So this a nice warm up to get the w hole body ready for the serving motion and even the rally point after. You just need a resistance band. You’re going to lunge forward and extend your arm with a straight elbow. And then you could alternate legs.