1-Arm Prayer Stretch

This is a prayer stretch which targets the Latissimus Dorsi muscle. You’re going to start by flexing the back upwards into an upward arch and the knees wide apart, then you’re going to bring the left hand, palm up, interlace the fingers and the elbows are off of the mat, head up and the chin in. And you’re going to bring the buttocks down and you’re going to pull the arms forward with the elbows staying off. And you want to make sure that as you reach forward you’re bringing your butt back and you’re going to begin to lean a little bit more over to the left side as you’re stretching the left Latissimus Dorsi and making sure that you’re not tilting that right shoulder up and you want to keep leaning more into that left side. Keeping the shoulders level, hold this stretch for 30 seconds and three sets on each side, if you’re tight on both sides.